The Institute for New Feeling is a 3-person collective committed to the development of new ways of feeling, and ways of feeling new. Founded in 2012 by Scott Andrew, Agnes Bolt & myself, all IfNf projects are archived on our website including the Felt Book, documentation of all treatments, and our growing wellness product line.

seek: a self-fulfilling prophesy

seek is a 20 min private session offering individuals a clairvoyant reading generated by the misuse of online search engines. Seated in our custom massage chair and connected to a remote voice on headset, this live experience generates a personal video for each participant--a vision of their future predicted by the Internet.

Presented at Recess in New York as part of a Session residency, Spring 2015.

Featured in Art in America, ANIMAL New York, Bedford+Bowery, ARTFCITY, and others.


group is a team-building session that uses 90 minutes of original music and projected video. This unique bonding experience is simultaneously meaningful and absurd, allowing participants to learn about each other without fear or discomfort as they progress together through our 7 platforms:


Collaboration with Scott Andrew, 2013


click here for full documentation of our sessions

Photo documentation of a group session.

Platform 1: Agree

Platform 2: Voice

Platform 3: Contact

Platform 5: Act

Platform 7: Release

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with Cosmic d'Alessando for dublab radio

The Lite is a meditation series optimized for the adult contemporary lifestyle. Join Liteworkers Cosmic and Nina as they meditate on the improbable world we live in. Listen in your car or while watering your succulents. Sit back, zone out, and never diet again.

Re: long overdue payment

with Cosmic d'Alessando, Scott Andrew & Agnes Bolt for ESPtv and dublab radio

The Preparation (listen)

with Cosmic d'Alessando for dublab radio

a guide to doing your taxes

Pressure Systems

with Cosmic d'Alessando for dublab radio

An invitation to take a walk with a stranger.

Each walker wears a set of headphones and listens to a synchronized 7-min guided meditation.

The only thing that can be seen in the mirror is the face of the person beside them.

dadpranks is a 6-person collective: Lauren Goshinski, Isla Hansen, Kate Hansen, Elina Malkin & Nina Sarnelle





A week-end long series of events and installations at Century III Mall, West Mifflin, PA.
Organized for Open Engagement 2015.

Dadpranks activities took place in two unused storefronts and two kiosks.

Custom mall camouflage created by Isla Hansen; performed by Isla Hansen, Dan Allende and Tucker Marder.

Nina Sarnelle & Laura Warman led tours of the mall, pointing out places of interest and introducing members of the mall community.

Tyler, the owner of AirTooFly airbrush shop, chooses someone on the tour to share their last text message & cell phone photo; he converts this into a t­shirt design that is displayed at the sensory3 kiosk.

Tour guides perform with the narrative demo loop of a 1988 Sega Genesis game called the Ocean Hunter.

Meditation Stop: The 12 Selves. Sites marked with a ≈ are chosen for their unusual energy properties. Visitors can stand/sit in these areas and listen to a sensory3 mallcast on their personal device.

Mall horticulture / survival / foraging presentation with Justin Lubecki.

Regis hair salon / A smell tasting. Stylists Miranda and Chelsea each share a hair product paired with the thing it smells like.

A maintenance worker named Gary (aka Darth D’Masta) performs “Your Song” by Elton John at the top of an escalator.

Custom Teez. The store manager shares their highest selling t­shirt from 2013: I Pooped Today.

sensory3 shopping bags by Laura Warman.

Short Term Loan
Performance by Misael Soto.

After removing all of the coins from the mall's fountain the night before ($131.26), they are replaced one by one over the course of one day.

Victoria, the carousel operator, gives the group a special ride accompanied by an apocalyptic techno track composed by Kate Hansen.

The tour ends with Tai Chi lead by Laura Warman, featuring custom mats by Isla Hansen and instagram meditations by Casey Kauffmann.

An interactive photo booth and crowd-sourced eRetail store created by Elina Malkin and Lauren Goshinski.

eRetail kiosk images composed by Century III shoppers.

eRetail kiosk images composed by Century III shoppers.

eRetail kiosk images composed by Century III shoppers.

eRetail kiosk images composed by Century III shoppers.


with Agnes Bolt, 2010-ongoing

The Sisters of the Lattice travel the world connecting people using the vibrational energy of Silicon crystal and common technological devices.

Link is the Sisters' feature-length interactive narrative that chronicles the the 2012 TransAmerican tour. From truck stops to salt flats, lush forests to casinos, the Sisters performed with hundreds of strangers in order to find 5 selected individuals. These five people from different parts of the country were “linked” to one another using an energy transference conducted over a conference call. The film tells the story of the 5 “Links,“ resulting in a sensorial experience that is part documentary travelogue, part psychedelic incantation.

Hotspot is a contemporary sweat-lodge ceremony featuring 10 personal steam saunas installed around the Sisters' 80-min video meditation, Link. The purpose of the ceremony is to establish a wireless connection between it's participants.

Forever grateful for your solicitation is a possession ceremony and group therapy that centers around the ritual purging of acquired SPAM mail. Participants gather around a live tabletop projection of the Sisters, an interface through which all of the built up SPAM in the room is received and accumulated. Through a concerted embrace and then release of this cacophonous energy, a new, calm state of mind is reached.

The Sisters provide a video chat therapy called Paralleling, through which participants may share the processing of a difficult situation in their lives.

The Sisters also create personalized ceremonies for gatherings and special events; above is a wedding ceremony.

Click here for more tour images

Click here for more tour images

Yours, truly

I mailed 400 identical letters to homes directly adjacent to my own. I received 14 replies, eight of which resulted in personal meetings and, for most, an overnight stay.


My recollection of the visits are contained in a 50-page book.


For each visit I brought this identical gift, a souvenir from our shared past.

From the moment I appeared at the door with my suitcase, we began to invent the narrative of our relationship.

For one year after the initial experience, I maintained long-distance correspondence with each person, sending souvenirs and letters from my home less than a block away.

Edited video of a Focus Group Evaluation held with the participants at the Miller Gallery, March 2012


Collaboration with Dennis-Hippensteel Family, Pittsburgh 2011.

A week-long performance in which I hid inside the home of a family I found on Craigslist.

Over the course of the week, family members started to command the performance.

Full documentation available on Facebook.

TALKPGH is a citywide public art project commissioned by the City of Pittsburgh and directed by Jon Rubin. I was hired to produce this mobile talk show, coordinating 270 interviews with Pittsburgh residents all over the city to take place in a fast paced 20 consecutive-day shoot. The project began with two months of pre-production, during which time my task was to find and schedule three participants who would meet us when the truck came to their neighborhood.

( project website )

The truck traveled to each of Pittsburgh's 90 neighborhoods.

In each location we scheduled 3 interviews with residents from the neighborhood.

The interviews were videotaped against a backdrop of the surrounding environment.

Interviewees were asked to articulate what they like about their neighborhoods and what they wish they could change.

As the producer on-site, my job was to manage all 270 participants, coordinate the locations and oversee the camera crew.

Link is a feature-length narrative documentary that I edited in 2013. This film is part of a longterm collaboration with Agnes Bolt; for more information visit

STRATA is an immersive theater production that I worked on as an Interactive Design Consultant in 2012 in collaboration with Bricolage Production Company, ClearStory Studios, Jeffrey Carpenter, Gab Cody, Tami Dixon, Riley Harmon, Rob Long, Doug McDermott, Andrew J. Paul and Sam Turich.

STRATA is a faux corporate entity and immersive individual theatre experience installed in a repurposed fitness center.

Audience members engage in a series of clandestine interactions in downtown Pittsburgh that lead them to the Gate corporation's "refitnessing" facility.

Inside, each individual undergoes a number of situational "tests" that lead them toward a mystifying new state of consciousness.

American Theater Magazine Feature

City Paper Review

Post-Gazette Article