thin city


artifacts of tire pressure

doll hand flattened in street 34.0387, -118.3201
compressed tomato slice in the road34.0362, -118.2996
toilet paper roll crushed with tire track visible on it34.0348, -118.3200
pizza crust with car tire tread imprinted on it34.0389, -118.3061
multi-prong phone charger adapter smashed on pavement34.0363, -118.3060
Flamin' Hot Doritos and Q-Tips scattered on ground34.0347, -118.3104
pink gum in silver wrapped smeared across concrete34.0393, -118.3133
smashed styrofoam to-go food container with 34.0386, -118.3155
spork split in half on pavement34.0355, -118.3051
two crusts of sandwich bread curled up together on the ground34.0382, -118.2996
glossy melted red candy bleeding outwards on wet pavement34.0399, -118.3061
abstracted magazine page with lips and hair plastered over concrete34.0359, -118.3065
crushed orange (fruit) on asphalt34.0392, -118.3168
two Twinings herbal tea bags with strings twisted together in the street34.0353, -118.3078
Clearblue pregnancy test on road reads: Not Pregnant34.0327, -118.3082
two crushed muffins or biscuits in the road34.0339, -118.3165
metal object (could be a knife handle?) embedded into asphalt34.0382, -118.3063
smashed succulent on pavement34.0338, -118.3124
compressed red and white gummy worm in the road34.0381, -118.3157
flattened tinfoil food wrapper with colorful food bits on asphalt34.0390, -118.3213
broken blue AA battery with black powder spilling out, on concrete34.0384, -118.3189
white sheet of paper with car tire tracks over grass and sidewalk34.0384, -118.2989
red sticker name badge that reads Taylor, stuck to street34.0355, -118.3023
crushed snail on concrete34.0407, -118.3043
flattened box of Newport cigarettes in the street34.0395, -118.3090
compressed white bread roll in the street34.0359, -118.3155
folded rainbow colored fruit roll-up on pavement34.0363, -118.3007
pressed single-serve carton of Intense Vanilla Muscle Milk in road34.0388, -118.3127
smashed blue and pink toothbrush on concrete34.0367, -118.3210
rainbow colored puddle with blue liquid and the remains of two woven plastic bracelets34.0344, -118.3197
Little Trees air freshener in the street, flavor Black Ice34.0330, -118.3078
hairy yellow mango pit on asphalt34.0385, -118.3155
abstracted carboard 6 pack of beer holder flattened in the street34.0340, -118.3064
mangled umbrella and plastic pouch embedded in dirt on the ground34.0378, -118.3078
flattened yellow manicure single-use sandal in the road34.0382, -118.3006
smashed green toy shaped like native american with bow, in the street34.0406, -118.3018
crushed cheeto in driveway34.0383, -118.3078
unidentifiable food packaging flattened in street34.0327, -118.3115
unidentifiable food packaging flattened in street34.0399, -118.3106
unidentifiable food packaging flattened in street34.0354, -118.3122
unidentifiable food packaging flattened in street34.0339, -118.3126
compostable food to-go container flattened in street34.0384, -118.3115
white rice scattered on asphalt34.0327, -118.3186
smashed cake on pavement34.0313, -118.3201
ziplock bag with unidentifiable yellowish wet food inside34.0385, -118.3179
flattened sandal in the road34.0366, -118.3147
crushed can of Korean rice beverage on asphalt34.0321, -118.3052
broken CD in street34.0349, -118.3244
box of Corn Pops flattened in driveway beside crushed pile of Corn Pops34.0335, -118.3244
folded greasy paper (butter wrapper?) with yellow and green bits inside34.0403, -118.3177
empty package of Traditional Cut bacon in street34.0324, -118.3233
smashed Yoplait single-serve container in road34.0373, -118.3321
flattened In and Out takeout bag in street34.0303, -118.3370
green and black fake hairpiece in road34.0358, -118.3254
flattened black and red Nike shoe box34.0336, -118.3193
flattened silver tube embedded in pavement34.0328, -118.3384
magazine spread with two women of color modeling, texturized by concrete driveway34.0375, -118.3041
many colored plastic pieces of sunglasses scattered across road34.0385, -118.3251
mostly empty single-serve packet of brown Pulpa de Tamarindo34.0413, -118.3166
rolled up shredded local newspaper34.0343, -118.3155
coil of dog poop with a burned cigarette resting on it34.0347, -118.3206
large white bra34.0352, -118.3321
dirt-encrusted number pad of a flip phone34.0276, -118.3156
black plush toy face-down with orange keychain loop34.0358, -118.3197
blue pacifier34.0351, -118.3215
car hubcap split into many pieces34.0328, -118.3224
pink flower34.0374, -118.3382
irridescent green beetle34.0321, -118.3054
packet of grated parmesan cheese34.0353, -118.3002
newsprint page with antique furniture drawings34.0396, -118.2954
flattened black usb cable34.0343, -118.3254
triangular black bra padding insert34.0343, -118.2995
two red playing cards from Apples to Apples game34.0391, -118.2964
indentifiable crushed organic material (ribs?)34.0385, -118.2956
white winter hat with a ball on top34.0341, -118.2926
crushed can of Monster Energy Drink over a blue latex glove34.0378, -118.2937
unidentifiable road kill with fur and maggots34.0405, -118.2938
shoe insole with wet leaves over it34.0369, -118.2906
monarch butterfly34.0395, -118.2948
smashed unidentifiable green plant or insect34.0376, -118.3024
assortment of different colored bars of soap34.038114, -118.305357
piece of plastic from the top of a to-go soda cup34.038191, -118.299229
smashed business card with a white man's face on it34.037960, -118.302480
glossy black wish bone34.039125, -118.302330
ziplock bag with mushy brown stuff inside, maybe bananas34.039996, -118.302222
smashed wireframe glasses34.038858, -118.310987
flattened small plastic water bottle34.035471, -118.305290
thread-bare green tree air freshener34.035542, -118.307843
folded and flattened black gardening glove34.034724, -118.311705
sheet of printer that reads 'LESSONS IN ADVERSITING AND SELLING'34.038974, -118.314838
green tooth flosser34.041828, -118.316404
stripped cloth bungee cable34.041481, -118.311587
red Swedish Fish34.038823, -118.310761
brown bird's claw34.035729, -118.302521
wet paper food packaging that has turned to pulp34.039365, -118.304377
crushed foil takeout container with crushed bottle cap34.034587, -118.303303
crushed yellow hard candy in plastic wrapper34.035618, -118.300556
broken ball point pen with black ink leaking34.039085, -118.301468
flattened aluminum Budweiser bottle34.036356, -118.304075
monarch butterfly34.032791, -118.303388
flattened sprig of parsley34.038188, -118.299858
pepperoni pizza with tire mark34.035983, -118.316337